About JGM Properties

Owned by Joe Maxwell, JGM Properties started in 2008 with one single family rental.  Now it has many single family and multi family rentals as well as a few commercial properties

About Joe Maxwell

Joe Maxwell is a licensed real estate agent with Centex REALTORS

Joe Maxwell was born and raised in Waco. After graduating from China Spring High School, he received a degree in landscape design fromTexas State Technical College. Over a ten year period, Joe developed a thriving landscaping business in Waco and surrounding towns. About three years ago, an opportunity arose for him to enter the fitness industry and he became the owner of China Spring’s only gym, China Spring Fitness Center.     

His interest in real estate was ignited by his very first deal, when he successfully bought, renovated, and flipped a house. During the last eight years he has successfully flipped many more properties and has amassed an impressive portfolio of single family and commercial rentals.

Earlier this year he had the opportunity to sell his landscape company and go into the real estate business full time.

He spends most of his time working the investment side of real estate purchase and sales for his own account, but as a licensee with Centex REALTORS he is can help others with the purchase of either an investment property or a dream home.

Joe currently lives in Bosqueville with his wife.